Dean Palya Jr




This collection of recordings features music that I completely produced, mixed, and mastered. A variety of techniques were used to achieve these recordings, from large console recording in studios around Nashville to my own production spaces. I used DAWs such as Pro Tools HD, Logic Pro X, and Cubase to create these recordings, and many other tools such as iZotope RX + Ozone, Melodyne, and Auto-tune.


This collection of productions features recordings that I have meticulously recreated based on the original recordings. I designed all of the synths, samples, drums, guitar tones, and even mixing chains based on the original recordings. All of this work was done by ear. I have provided soundalike production work for several companies, including CheerSounds. Even when I am not recreating a track note-for-note, I enjoy using reference material for sound design and musical works in order to better my own work.


The GRAMMY Foundation | Tim Shanks | Brad Owens | CheerSounds | John Carroll | Looking for Soldiers | Jessie Ritter | Sam Martinez | Zach Stone | Cheyenne Goss | Jared Mitchell | Kylie Begley | The Glory Project | Mitchell Rose | Matt Enik | Zach Berry | Hunter Spivey | AznInvazn | Briana Cash | David Sears | Brian Schmidt | Rachael Lauren Phillips | The Captain | and more...



In addition to most of the tracks listed under "Sample Productions" above, this collection of recordings features music that I have also written as well as produced. I enjoy writing in many different styles and appreciate music of every genre. I read and write sheet music as well as the Nashville Number System. 

FILM SCORE/Cinematic Music

I have also written music for picture and have mixed for the post-production process for award-winning documentaries such as the recently produced "Jester Hairston" documentary. Below are examples of the music I have written, recorded, and done MIDI mockups.


In addition to audio production, I have also worked with video editing and video production for music and educational purposes. In my work with, I performed and produced/edited hundreds of videos. I used software such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Photoshop. I also used cameras such as the Canon T3i and GoPros. I managed the Multi-Platinum YouTube account and attended several seminars hosted by YouTube to learn the absolute best practices for building YouTube and video content for the webI also have built my own audio education Youtube Channel to feature virtual instruments, plug-ins, and pro audio techniques. To date, I have accumulated over 1,000,000 views across hundreds of videos.

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In addition to music production, I have also worked with sound for picture. I have mixed projects for Cal State University such as The Jester Hairston Film Project, an award-winning documentary produced by Dr. Hansonia Caldwell and Lillian E. Benson. Below you will find examples of my work, along with solo'd versions to listen to the sound design vs. music composition.

Video Game Reel for Sound Design + Music

This sound design and music reel features a variety of video game action shots and cinematics. I created all of the sound you hear in this video, as well as composed and performed the music. The weapon sounds are mostly layers of several different gun shots or impact hits in order to boost the impact of the sound design. I used tools such as transient shapers and compressors in order to increase the punch of the sound effects. I mixed and produced this entirely in Logic Pro X using tools from Native Instruments and many other pro audio companies.

Listen to the SFX solo'd in this video.

Listen to the Music solo'd in this video.

Listen to the SFX solo'd in this video.

Listen to the Music solo'd in this video.

The Bourne Legacy Sound Replacement

For this project, I worked with a small team to recreate every sound you hear in this video. I performed and recorded the foley work, as well as directed and recorded all dialogue. I composed, produced, performed, and mixed the music stems. I worked with the team to design all of the effects, and mixed the entire project in stereo as well as 5.1 surround. My favorite pieces of this project were the drone sounds and the gunshots - I created the sounds from multiple layers to give them impact. I used Pro Tools | HD for the entirety of this project.

Total Recall Sound Replacement

This project also features 100% new sound. In addition to composing and producing the music for this clip, I also did all of the sound design work and mixing. I used a combination of sources for sound effects to layer and produce larger-than-life sound for this intense scene. My favorite part of this project is the volcano sounds. I layered rock sounds on top of fire sounds on top of a LFE rumble to create the sounds of the earth cracking open. I used Logic Pro X for the entirety of this project.

Listen to the SFX solo'd in this video.

Listen to the Music solo'd in this video.

Tom and Jerry Sound Replacement

For this project, I scored and designed sound for this cartoon clip from scratch. This style required “musical sound effects”, such as the xylophone for the footsteps and the growling trumpet for the yell. I also layered some traditional cartoon sound effects in to give it a more authentic feel.

Robot Sounds

This clip features sounds set to the visual of a futuristic female machine - from the boot up beeps to the artificial breaths. I created all of the sounds you hear in this video, and used several methods for manipulating the sounds to suit the picture. For example, I used EQ to sculpt the eye-lid sounds so that it sounded more feminine and less powerful.



I take pride in exhibiting professionalism in all situations - from stressful to casual, I am always focused on providing top-quality service. I strive to not only fit into the professional workplace, but to make it better for everyone involved. I have worked in many different types of situations and workplaces - from in the studio with artists to in the office, and have a great amount of experience in professional situations.


I am an expert when it comes to communicating with clients. I have worked with nearly every type of client and artist -especially the "impossible to please" type. With all of this experience, I have been able to develop and maintain great relationships and understand how to make a client very happy, while also giving them the best possible product. I am very collaborative, and am extremely open to new ideas. I really enjoy setting up and following workflows and best practices as well. I am always pushing myself to optimize communication and find even better workflows to maximize quality and efficiency in my work. I am very detail oriented and have great file organization skills, which is key in clear communication in todays digital world.


My experience with sales ranges from large service contract sales to retail audio education sales. Through my work as a freelancer, I developed sales channels and executed numerous times through those channels. I have experience scoping projects and negotiating with leads, while maintaining a very high close rate. I have also worked closely with retailers like Sweetwater Sound in order to sell audio education products through


I am always looking to better myself, my work, and the team I am working with. I enjoy constructive criticism and seek it out on a regular basis in order to make my work the best it can possibly be. I take direction very well and am always excited to do my part in order to help the team reach its goals. I am a self-starter and am very motivated to do my best work at all times, and do not need much supervision in order to stay motivated and active. In past positions, I have self-managed and been very productive with this working style. I am also available and very willing with work nights and weekends in addition to the regular working hours.

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Technical Skills



I am fluent with Pro Tools | HD, Logic Pro X, and Cubase. I am also comfortable using other DAWs such as Ableton Live, StudioOne, and Reason. I am an expert at iZotope Ozone 7 Advanced and iZotope RX 5 Advanced and use them in audio production and post-production. I use the Native Instruments products very regularly, as well as Waves plug-ins (among many other digital audio processors.) Because of my work with video and film, I am also comfortable using post-production techniques with software such as Final Cut Pro X, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Avid Media Composer. I am extremely fascinated by technology and computers and am very comfortable using them, as well as learning new workflows and implementing them into my workflow.


I have a great amount of experience working with large format consoles (both split and inline) such as Neve, API, and SSL. I am very comfortable working with these consoles and with control surfaces such as the Avid S6 and C24. I have also used the Behringer X32 and other digital consoles and am very comfortable using them for live sound and recording purposes. I am experienced with microphone placement techniques, stereo techniques, and surround techniques and have studied and used microphones such as the U87, KM81, U47, and many more vintage models, as well as their newer counterparts such as the Miktek C7.  I am comfortable miking all acoustic instruments, and am very experienced in setting up and analyzing room acoustics.

In addition to these hardware tools, I am experienced with many outboard processors such as Lexicon, DBX, and classic units such as the LA-2A and the 1176 compressors. Through my years of experience, I have become extremely comfortable discussing gear on a technical as well as an artistic level.


I have experience in stereo mixingsurround mixing for film and projects set to picture, voiceover work, as well as audio production for musical projects. I am very comfortable with MIDI and have programmed MIDI in many different styles and applications. I have working experience creating and manipulating synthesizers and other virtual instruments such as samplers, and have even sampled my own synthesizers meticulously.

I have set up my own production spaces both acoustically and have fine tuned the monitors to calibrate them for the room. I have used several techniques to do so and and very comfortable setting up rooms to make the most out of them acoustically through monitor calibration.

I have also written a 150+ Page eBook called "The Artist's Guide to Home Recording" in order to help beginning and aspiring audio engineers set up a home studio and better understand all of their options when it comes to their first production space. Since this book was uploaded online, it has been downloaded thousands of times and has been used as a reference to thousands of first-time audio users.



I am very experienced with Adobe Creative Cloud applications including Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, and Premiere Pro. I also am very proficient at Google AppsMS Office applications such as Word, Excel, and Powerpoint, Apple Work applications such as Pages, Numbers, and Keynote, and project management tools such as Asana, Basecamp, xPlan, and more.

Audio, Video, and Music are MY PASSIONs.

Thank you very much for your time in reviewing my portfolio. I would be happy to provide any more information that you may need, including a list of professional references.