Pro Tools First | A Worthy Production Tool

I still remember hearing the announcement about Pro Tools First at NAMM 2015 - it was a pretty awesome thing to think about. A FREE version of Pro Tools. No iLok needed. The possibilities were seemingly endless.

But for most of the us, the first glance was slightly clunky. Where are my 3rd party plug-ins, virtual instruments? How am I supposed to make music with this?

After sitting with that sentiment for a short time, I started to think about what the best use of this tool was. Does it have a benefit in my workflow?

Then it hit me. Simplicity.

Simplicity is an incredible thing. It lets you get more creative in other ways, which is easy to forget when bogged down with so many plug-in options, etc.

An Interesting Project Idea

I haven't been able to work on this yet, but here's my idea:

Create an entire album using only Pro Tools First. The main challenge would be that there are no third party plug-ins and only 16 tracks.

My sessions usually run anywhere between 70 - 120 tracks by mixdown time, so this would mean a lot of bouncing and mixing as I go. Sounds like a fun challenge.

I also wouldn't be able to do much tuning, processing, etc. - it'd need to be a very authentic recording with raw material.

I'm not sure what genre it'd be, but probably some combination of singer/songwriter + electronic.

At some point, I'll try give this a try on a single song and see how it turns out. If anyone tries this, let me know - I want to hear it.

Grab your free copy here:

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