New Music! Invincible - the Album

 The cover artwork for the new album.

The cover artwork for the new album.

Welcome to Invincible

It has taken a while to put together, but yesterday I finally finished my latest project - Invincible - and printed the final masters.

It has been an exciting and challenging project and I am eager to share this music. It will be available on all of the major outlets by mid March 2017.

The Project - An Overview

I set out to create a collection of songs that work well together and independently. Above all, I wanted to focus on two elements: the songwriting and the production variety.

The Songwriting

Throughout the entire process of creating this project, I always kept the songwriting and storytelling in focus. I wanted each song to carry emotion through words and melody, as well as create story arcs that are amplified through the music.

For example, the song "Breathe" creates a musical dichotomy with acoustic timbres in the verse and electronic grooves in the chorus. The lyrics have a certain "push and pull" to them:

I was giving up
You were giving in
You looked at me the way that you do
And I was lost in it

This is meant to amplify the message of the lyrics and portray the emotion of the song.

I spent a great amount of time focusing on these types of details to create songs that go deeper than their dance-esque appearance.

The Production

In terms of the production, I focused on a variety of elements. From the sounds and patches I chose to the general arrangements, I explored several sonic pallets at the outset of the project to help guide my decisions throughout.

I wanted modern, vocal-sample-based synthesizers to drive much of the core sound. I also wanted the drums to lock into a groove, especially focusing on the kick-to-bass relationship. I spent a lot of time locking these in on each track.

Track List

  1. Invincible
  2. Stuck On You
  3. Breathe
  4. Golden Plated
  5. Never Giving Up
  6. Can't Let Go
  7. High
  8. Backslide
  9. No Sleep
  10. Flames

Coming soon!

As I said earlier, this album will be available on all major digital outlets by mid March 2017 - so stay tuned to listen then. I will announce it officially here when they're live.

What's next? I am going to continue working on music of this general style and genre - I am dedicated to becoming the best songwriter and producer I can be, and I want to make commercially viable, artful music. More simply, I plan to release several songs in the next few months. I am currently working on a few and am excited to release them as well!

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