My Latest Project

PALA Sound Studio

I have decided to focus more on creating things that I love. I feel like I am most happy with my work when I am creating - starting with nothing and turning them into complete projects.

One of the major legs of this new focus is producing, writing, and creating commercial music. I have decided to create a parent project called PALA Sound Studio. 

This project has several goals:

  1. Create. Music, songs, art. I want to build a collection of work that I am proud to share.
  2. Share. I have found that one of the greatest joys of creating is sharing. I hope to continually build an audience to share with.
  3. Explore. While I plan to keep much of my work for this project within the bounds of "commercial", I want to explore and try new things. I want to constantly improve.

My first release

 The Official PALA Sound Studio Logo

The Official PALA Sound Studio Logo

With the release of my first album under this project, Invincible, I feel that I have created a solid foundation on which to build. I have already started working on my next release for this project and I am extremely excited to continue creating.

To listen to Invincible and stay up to date on all things PALA Sound Studio, please visit: