DavidRSears.com - Client Website Launch

It's Official!

DavidRSears.com has officially launched! This website / email project was a fun project for a great friend and I am very happy with how it turned out.

The project was a complete redesign of David's old website, which had three main components:

  1. Personal website with information about David
  2. David Sears Music - music/songwriting/arranger portfolio site
  3. MS-TSC, a live event / audio / lighting company based in Los Angeles

The challenge was to figure out a way to communicate all of these effectively while keeping the interface extremely simple and user friendly.

The Process

The project started with understanding exactly what David was looking for. We spent some time discussing it before I got to work on the designs.

Once I understood what he was looking for, I took to designing the site. A cover page was essential to help direct traffic to where they wanted to go. A simple button based page helps push people to the content their looking for:

From here, users are taken to appropriate pages with more information about TSC and David Sears Music. Users can still get to either section of the site easily by the main top navigation bar:

The Custom Event Info Form

One of the ways I helped improve David's process for events was through the Event Info Form - this is a form that clients of MS-TSC are required to fill out prior to events. By create a web based digital form, this cuts down on the amount of paper work David / his clients were required to do. It also keeps things direct and organized.

Custom Password Protected Media Portal

Another important feature David requested was a password protected media portal to keep his songwriting demos in order to show potential clients/publishers. I was able to build this for him and populate the backend with organized content.

Visit the Site

Check out the site for yourself to see more and poke around. Also check out his EPK if you're ever in need of incredibly professional and reasonably priced audio / lighting! He does great work and always exceeds expectations.

Interested in building a site and need some help? Contact me - I'm happy to hear what you need and would love to help however I can.

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