Creative Doubt

As I work on more creative projects, I have started to recognize things about my creative process. Things like my process, my timeframes, my goals.

One of those is what I think of as Creative Doubt. It's this feeling of "well it's not as good as [...]".

It's not a great feeling, but in a way it's necessary because it pushes improvement.

Here's how I try to interpret it and build from it:

  1. As soon as I start feeling creative doubt, I take a break. I step away from it. This lets me come back with fresh ears and a new approach.
  2. In this time away from the project, I try to turn it into constructive thoughts. How do I make it better? How can I fix it? Sometimes it can't be fixed, but I try to come up with as many ideas as possible.
  3. Once I'm ready, I come back to the project and start making the changes. Often times it is better because of them.

I am consciously trying to improve by implementing this on every project I work on. Most recently, I am working on a series of single songs, and I am going to continue implementing this feedback loop to make them the best that I can.

IdeasDean Palya Jr