Creating Custom Patch Banks for Virtual Instruments

I've been considering spending some time creating custom patch banks for virtual instruments I tend to use a lot: Logic Pro X's Alchemy, Native Instruments' FORM, Massive, Razor, Monark, etc.

This would make for a faster creative process once I get into the actual songwriting, which would allow for a more streamlined way to get any song ideas recorded.

However, as I thought about that, I wondered if there was a way to create a huge bank of sounds and share them. I know this has been done before, but I feel there is a lack of smaller sounds.

For example, there are a lot of presets out there for huge, big lead synths and drop-style basses. But in modern production, it is the smaller, lighter, thinner sounds that are crucial to getting right. It's the pads, 808 basses, and arpeggiators that are difficult to layer if they are too "fat" in the mix.

This is just an idea at this point, but something I'll think about moving forward as I start creating more and more patches. Maybe I'll focus on just one synth at a time and post my presets here once I have accumulated a mass of them.

Ideas, MusicDean Palya Jr