Dean Palya Jr is a producer, multi-instrumentalist, and audio/video expert based in Los Angeles, CA. From helping artists achieve their dreams to aiding business owners with their growing ventures, Dean is always focused on exceeding expectations. His creative approach to art and business creates unique opportunities while delivering first class service and outstanding results.


Dean began professionally writing and producing music more than ten years ago. To date, he has written and produced hundreds of tracks in a wide variety of genres - from pop to jazz, classical to country. In the past decade, he has worked with dozens of artists and organizations like The GRAMMY Foundation on their projects, helping them to launch and grow their careers with radio-ready productions.

Having started his first successful entrepreneurial venture more than 10 years ago, Dean continues to seek new opportunities. He has managed several companies, from audio/video production to online music and audio learning ventures like His experience and expertise in education, efficiency, sales, and strategic partnerships, as well as his wide skill sets in content creation and production, make him a valuable asset in a wide range of industries. Currently, he is the Director of Marketing at Westlake Pro.

Among other outlets for his creativity, Dean continues to produce music of his own. His discography includes full-length records in a diverse range of genres. His fascination with concept records and music as a method of long-form storytelling has led him to produce several works of this nature. His award-winning work titled "Unforgiven" in this field aims to push the boundaries of music and sound to create deep and compelling musical recordings and stories.

Dean graduated Summa Cum Laude from the Belmont University Honors Program with a degree in Modern Record Production, which included intense interdisciplinary studies in the fields of entrepreneurship, music technology, and audio engineering. This unique and diverse approach to education reflects on the innovative mindset Dean brings to his work.